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Celebrating the Kookaburra

Celebrating the Kookaburra

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Celebrating the kookaburra

Last week I became an Australian citizen! (In case you didn't know already I was born in England, moved to Northern Ireland when I was five, studied in Scotland then came to Australia to visit friends when I was 27. Stayed rather longer than I anticipated!) I'd always said that the day I become a citizen of this amazing bird filled country I'd make a special plate and ink it up in VEGEMITE! You see, I discovered printmaking when I first came to Australia, around the same time that I started eating Vegemite, and the thick, black viscosity of Vegemite reminded me of printmaking ink and vice versa. So last Tuesday I ceremoniously made a small dry point plate of a Kookaburra (of course!) and filmed myself inking it up in the national spread of Australia. You can watch the (predictably unsuccessful) experiment HERE -

The resulting Kookaburra etchings have now dried. I've signed, numbered and titled them and they are ready for purchase. There are only 12 in the edition so don't delay too long. I've had a number of people contacting me very interested already! If you are not on my mailing list do sign up, I announce early access via email for all my pieces, this gives you a few hours head start for the popular pieces. You can see the listing here  - CLICK HERE FOR LISTING

Kookaburra Framed

And now, we enter lockdown once again (I live in central Victoria.) Ah, to live in interesting times. I get a lot of people saying you'll have lots of time to make art now! But alas, no. I've a 4 and a 6 year old. Homeschool will recommence. I've no idea how we got through homeschool last time but we did, so we can do it again. 

Just be patient with me for the next six weeks. I'll probably make a lot of mistakes. 

Good luck out there, once again.


Celebrating the Kookaburra




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