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Making Maggie - New Dry Point Etching

Making Maggie - New Dry Point Etching

2 minute read

I get asked many times if I have any Australian magpie etchings. They always sell out rather fast so I often don't have any in stock. But now I've finally got a new dry point etching of a dear Maggie available. 

For this piece I needed a subject matter so I went straight out my studio doors, pencil and aluminium plate in hand, and there, sitting high on the wires was my muse. I quickly sketched her onto the plate then went into my studio to scratch out the image using my dry point needles. 

New etching - Maggie

The plate then gets inked up, you can see a quick video of me inking up my plate here - INKING UP 

Inking Up

Each inking up will give me just one print. The inking up process has to be repeated each time. Then the prints need to dry in between boards for a few days so the damp paper dries nice and flat. 

Drying Prints

Once dried I sign, number and title each print. I tend to keep my editions quite small, 20 at most. This means if I say there will be 20 there will only ever be 20. You can't make a second edition like with book printing! Anyway, the aluminium plates that I use often wont last long enough for any more than about 20. The scratched lines start to dull after a while and the inked lines wont be as strong. But that's ok. it just means I can start something new which is always exciting!

This small Maggie edition will be released from midday Thursday 25th June AES time. You can find this piece and others HERE in my online shop. You can sign up to my mailing list at the bottom of the HOME page to become a VIP and receive reminders about release dates and times.

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