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Scarlet and Flame

Scarlet and Flame

2 minute read

Scarlet and Flame

I started this piece simply making a new mini plate of the Flame Robin. I have a series of 5 x 5cm mini prints that I print on my gorgeous mini Halfwood Press. It was perfect for taking to markets with me (hopefully one day I can do them again) and doing demonstrations. Small is beautiful, and convenient!

Flame Robin is now available in my online shop HERE.

Flame Robin - Bridget Farmer

So, below you can see me scratching the image into the plate. I have a video on instagram if you would like to see more HERE.

scratching the image int the aluminium plate

I then inked up the plate in a deep greeny black and added the red breast on top. I also have a film of this stage you can view HERE. I talk about what I'm doing throughout. 


Once I finished this little Flame Robin edition I spotted a previous plate of a Scarlet Robin. I have always wanted to try making prints using multiple plates a la Robin Rayner. So I inked up both the robins and printed them side by side. I made it into a small edition of only 8. You can view it in my online shop HERE.


Scarlet and Flame


Again I have short videos showing my process.

Inking up the two plates HERE.

Printing on my Halfwood press and the reveal HERE.

Signing, titling and numbering the edition HERE


inking up the plate

A little description of Scarlet and Flame...

I grew up in Northern Ireland. Our robin was a lovely little brown bird with an orangey red breast who father christmas sent to spy on us to make sure we were good. Then I moved to Australia and WOW! The robins here are a shock to the eyes, in a good way.

Here I have brought two of the reds together in a two plate etching. The Scarlet Robin and the Flame Robin. You can tell them apart, if they stay still long enough in real life, by the size of the red patch. The red covers more of the body in the flame robin and starts just under the beak, whereas the scarlet's starts lower down on the breast. Also the scarlet robin has a larger blob of white on his forehead. Of course this is if you are seeing the males. If you spot females I cannot help you here!


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