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Simplicity Is Sometimes Best

Simplicity Is Sometimes Best

2 minute read

Simplicity is sometimes best. 

Architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is known for the phrase "Less is more." Celebrating and striving for simplicity and minimalism. 

I find this aesthetic in sketchbooks. I love the simplicity and minimalism of a quick drawing, just a few lines, not over worked, capturing the subject matter. This is what I strive for in my own work. To recreate the spontaneity of a sketch into a dry point etching. This can be hard because scratching the image into the metal isn't as fluid as a pencil on paper. And the inclination to over work a 'final piece' is difficult to resist.

Sparrow Etching, simplicity

This original mini etching entitled Sitting Sparrow, is taken from one of my sketchbook drawings I made while looking out of my kitchen window. The sparrows are so quick, nipping in and out of the chook pen, stealing their scraps. They sit and wait on the quince tree before their final steal. This little guy was doing just that when I quickly captured him.

 Simplicity of a sparrow sketch

I use small 5 x 5cm aluminium plates for my mini prints. Aluminium is softer than copper so a bit easier to work into. Due to its softness though you don't get as many prints out of the plates before the lines dull and don't hold the ink so well. But that's ok for me. I don't like making large editions anyway. Mostly due to time constraints what with kids and general life but also I get impatient and want to move onto the next thing!

This mini etching is now available in a small edition of only 11. Don't wait too long as these small editions are selling out quite quickly.  It is sold un-matted and unframed. But I will wrap it up beautifully as I can't resist making a pretty parcel! Click HERE for more info and purchase. 

Framed sitting sparrow

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