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Sketching Isabella

Sketching Isabella

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Sketching Isabella 

Once you get chickens you become chicken mad. I certainly have. I love having muses available all day, every day. I just look out of my studio window and there they all are. It's no wonder they slip into my subject matter on a regular basis. Yes, of course I have a few favourites. Octavia who I feed all the broccoli caterpillars to, Dita the matriarch of the flock, Esperanza who is all looks and no eggs and then, there's Isabella. When we adopted Isabella she was in the middle of moulting so was rather bedraggled looking and to top it all off she was missing an eye. I was informed she was called Blindy. I decided fairly quickly that she needed a new, beautiful name and so she was renamed Isabella. She is a little cautious but stays close by in order to be first at any food given. When she walks she sticks her feet out comically in front in order to feel for obstacles (I try and make sure I don't leave too much lying around that she might bump into.) She's a real survivor and looks after herself well. I was told it was possibly a fox attack by which she lost her eye so she's a tough nut. We've set up a really low roosting pole for her, it's only about 5 cm off the ground, but she can't flap up to the other high roosting poles with the other chooks. She seems to really appreciate her low roost and we've made a covering above her so she doesn't get pooed on by the high roosters. She's just a darling, I love her.

Isabella Sketch

This is the original sketch I made during one of my drawing sessions. I've made a little video about tips and technique for drawing. I like to try and keep up a regular practice. It's amazing the difference if you do a bit semi regularly. Keeps you seeing, watching, looking as well as increasing your confidence with mark making. You can watch the video here -

And below is the resulting dry point etching. It is a mini print with image size only 5 x 5 cm. I've added a bit of colour straight to the plate during the inking up process for each piece in the small edition of only 8. They are now available to purchase HERE.

Sketching Isabella


Sketching Isabellasketching isabella


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