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Original Etching - Part Of A Bigger Flock?

Sold out


This is an etching I made for an exhibition entitled CHANGE during Bird Week at the Corner Gallery in Stanmore, Sydney. The framed piece in the exhibition sold but I am now listing the rest of the edition.

This drypoint print, inked up in two colours, depicts a flock of bar-tailed godwits. The image is spread across two plates, linked only by the very tips of two birds’ wings. Is the upper plate the past and the lower plate the present or future? Or perhaps the lower plate is the reality and the upper plate the hope?

Due to climate change and coastal development along migratory routes, migrating birds are finding it harder to refuel during their arduous journeys and many dont make it. Ive entitled this piece Part Of A Bigger Flock? highlighting the diminishing numbers of these long haul flyers returning to Australia during their overwintering period and our hope, each year, that we are mistaken in these tallies and observations. We keep waiting for the rest to arrive.


This etching is sold unframed and unmatted.  Please note, the edition number you will receive will not necessarily be the one pictured.


Image Size - 10 x 10cm

Paper Size - 18 x 19.5cm

Edition Size - 8