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Enamel Pin - Plains Wanderer


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This is a hard enamel lapel pin of a female Plains-Wanderer. The Plains-Wanderer is a fascinating bird,  but but sadly is one of the most critically endangered species in Australia. 

$5 from the sale of this pin will be donated to Trust For Nature who are working to preserve this amazing birds habitat and thus protect the species. 

Designed from my original sketches and made in fine quality hard enamel.

Measures 4.5cm at widest point.

A bit more info about Plains-Wanderers 

- It is so unlike any other bird in the world it is placed in a family (Pedionomidae) all of it's own.

- The male incubates the eggs and brings up the young.

- The female is larger and more colourful than the male.

- It was once found in grasslands from Victoria to Queensland and South Australia, but has dramatically declined in the past 10 years, mainly due to loss of habitat (native grassland) and introduced predators.

- Many organisations are coming together to try and save this amazing bird and it's depleting habitat, including Zoos Victoria, Parks Victoria, Trust For Nature as well as North Central Catchment Management Authority, DELWP, Northern Plains Conservation Management Network and the Australian Govt's National Landcare Programme.