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I Like Pigeons Embroidered Patch


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I like Pigeons, do you like pigeons?

I like the way they bob their head as they walk.

I like that pretty sparkly bit on their necks. Is it green? Is it purple? Oh it's both at the same time, wow! I like their familiar form no matter where in the world you travel.

I like their eternal hopefulness that you will give them something to eat. I like that they are the underdogs of the bird world and yet they have won medals for bravery and for service during times of war. 

I like pigeons. Do you like pigeons?

This patch has iron on glue on the reverse, however I recommend ironing it in place then sewing to secure. Measures 6.5 cm wide.



Customer Reviews

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Mrs Pidgeon

I'm happy with the patch. Regarding the badge I bought previously, Is there a possibility Bridget will make daintier pigeon badges with 1 pin suitable to pin to a blouse or dress? maybe reduce the text to a heart.? Pigeon ear rings?

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