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Enamel Pin - Hooded Plover Lover


The Hooded Plover is a beach dwelling bird on Australian shores. It is an endangered species, and conservationists are working very hard to increase beach goers' awareness about who they share the sand with. The more everyone knows about this little bird, the better. Wear your pin and start the conversation, spread the word, save this little bird! 

This is a fundraiser pin. $5 from the sale of each pin (including wholesale sales) goes to BirdLife Australia's Beach Nesting Bird's Project - more details here -

Sadly numbers are dwindling due to dogs and cars on beaches, and even unaware walkers disturbing their nesting and rearing grounds. Chicks become too scared to go to the shoreline to feed and end up dying from malnutrition. Click the link above for more info about what can be done to help.

Measures 3.5cm wide and 3cm tall. Fixes with a butterfly clasp at the back.