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Bird Noticer - Enamel Pin


I've been calling myself a bird noticer for quite some time now. At markets people would see my work and ask if I was a bird watcher and I felt I couldn't quite claim that title because, due to young kids, I never had the time to be able to 'watch' birds. Instead I would always NOTICE them wherever I went. I'd drift off mid sentence while in conversation with someone because there was movement in the tree behind, or the dog would get very impatient with his stop/start walks. I'm sure these kinds of stories resonate with many of you, so I have created this pin for all my fellow bird noticers.

The pin depicts a yellow-rumped thornbill. A gorgeous little bird that I often get distracted by outside my house!

The design is based on a 1949 Gould League badge I found in an op shop when I first arrived in Australia back in 2006.  

Measures 3.5cm wide and 2cm tall.