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Original Etching - Rufous Whistler


This rufous whistler is female: Even though she isn't rufous coloured she is still a rufous whistler!


Birds are often named after the striking, brightly coloured males, which means that the brown females are so much harder to identify and are often not as well known as the males.


To counter this I have decided to make a series of mini etchings depicting all of the girls! I hope I learn to identify them as I make them and highlight the lovely females of the species.


This is an original dry point etching, inked up by hand and pulled through my printing press on Hahnemulhe cotton rag paper. 

This etching is sold unframed and unmatted. The photo depicting it framed is a serving suggestion.  Please note, the edition number you will receive will not necessarily be the one pictured.



Image Size - 5 x 5cm

Paper Size - 11.5 x 14.5 cm

Edition Size - 10