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Enamel Pin - Phone, Wallet, Keys, Binoculars


 As you leave the house you do your check - phone, wallet, keys. .?.

But as every birder knows there's a fourth item.......


 One of the most important things in a bird watchers tool kit is a pair of binoculars. I've met many a fellow birdo who says they carry them everywhere with them, just in case!
They also become a wonderful talking point and ice breaker. Fellow bird watchers approach and start up conversations about our favourite subject - birds!
This pin can remind you of the four things you need when leaving the house, or indicate to others that you are a fellow bird nut! 
Also, this is the fundraiser pin for this new collection. $5 from each purchase will be donated to BirdLife Australia to continue their amazing work so we can all still get out there with our binoculars and enjoy Australia's beautiful birdlife. 


Measures 3cm wide and 3cm tall.

Fastens with a butterfly clasp on the back.